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February 14, 2012

What the GOP Can Learn From Jeremy Lin

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What can one possibly add to the hill of hype that now surrounds the glorious Jeremy Lin, New York Knickerbocker?

We are fascinated by his rise, but instead of focusing on his talent, which is raw and untested, we fixate upon his race and his biography. Lin's parents came here from Taiwan in the late 70s, settling in California, and he grew up as American as he did Taiwanese, with a quiet but devoted Christianity that marks him as a cultural conservative, and a playfulness and sense of humor that keeps him tethered to the modern world. Implicit within the coverage of Linsanity is the assumption that Lin is so special because he is unusual. But he's not, really. If you've been paying attention to integration of second-generation Asian-Americans into the our political super-culture, he's kind of normal.

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February 6, 2012

AOF Condemns Hoekstra's Racially Insensitive Campaign Ad


America’s Opportunity Fund (AOF) condemns the commercial aired during yesterday’s Super Bowl from Michigan Senate candidate, Pete Hoekstra. The commercial depicting a young Asian American woman speaking in broken English and set in a presumed Chinese countryside perpetuates negative stereotypes and is disrespectful to the Asian American community.

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