AOF Launches Power of She Network
May 31, 2016

AOF Launches Power of She Network


Washington, DC - America’s Opportunity Fund (AOF) launched the Power of She Network to harness the collective energy of the progressive AAPI female community.

“The Power of She was created to foster an environment for progressive AAPI women to empower one another in DC as well as across the country,” said AOF Executive Director Madalene Mielke.  “This is an opportunity to encourage women to connect and to learn from one another.” AOF is committed to supporting the efforts of AAPI progressive women to increase their participation in the electoral process by providing opportunities for training, leadership development and career counseling. Whether you're participating as an activist, an operative, or as a candidate, the Power of She will help to identify, recruit and nurture talent and provide an infrastructure to support progressive AAPI women.

You can watch the launch at AOF's Facebook page. Please feel free to share with your friends. If you're interested in joining this incredibly powerful movement, take our survey to tell us what you would like to see in future events.  


America's Opportunity Fund (AOF) is a Political Action Committee that provides opportunities for Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and other communities of color to fully participate in the electoral process. 

The goals of AOF are to affect a marked increase in the number of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) elected officials in statewide and federal office; generate significant funds to support its mission in targeted states throughout the country; increase voter visibility and participation with communities of color to support AOF endorsed candidates to achieve victory.