America's Opportunity Fund AAPI Pipeline

A Diversity Challenge

Demographics are quickly and radically shifting in our country, but the campaigns and candidates who are engaging with our communities are lacking the cultural competency to do so in a strategic and meaningful way. Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) make up nearly ten percent of our country’s population, but political campaigns are still struggling to find highly qualified operatives to join their ranks.

An AAPI Pipeline Project

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel—we just want to strengthen it so campaigns are inclusive of AAPI individuals and communities.

America’s Opportunity Fund’s (AOF) Pipeline Project is an avenue to help correct this problem.  The initiative’s mission is to recruit and help place talent from all levels from around the country in key progressive campaigns to grow the ranks of experienced AAPI political operatives.  For those who are job-seeking professionals in the industry, the Pipeline Project is an opportunity to build relationships with others in the community and learn about ways to stay involved and give back. Individuals newer to the industry will have the opportunity to access potential mentors and learn about training opportunities.  And of course everyone will be given support in the ultimate effort ­ finding jobs and rewarding career opportunities in politics!

Get Involved

Submit your resume today to be added to our Pipeline Project resume bank! Our highly ­connected steering committee will pass along resumes to campaigns and organizations across the country and identify opportunities for skills building and networking. We will also be working in partnership with Inclusv, sharing candidates with their network.

For seasoned campaign operatives, we welcome your input. Please contact us with ideas to strengthen the AAPI political pipeline!

Get started now!